Oct 2011

12th How Not to Run for President

06th Who is Next?


Sep 2011

19th McCarville on the Ill

19th Obama's Looking Like Toast

12th Pass the Bill

01st Crazy Talk

Aug 2011

29th Means Testing Elderly Entitlements

27th Bush's Fault

15th Rant Time

14th Interesting Contradiction

10th Medical Inflation

07th Big Deal

Jul 2011

24th Sports and Legalities

23rd End of the Duopoly?

22nd A New Existence

21st Republican Suicide

13th Raise the Roof

04th Corporate Jets

Jun 2011

27th Bachmann, Seriously?

19th Higher Ed: Blowing It

19th What About Gates?

19th Jump in, Rick

17th Mitt the Twit

10th Weiner's Weiner

07th The Accidental President

May 2011

21st Austin Box

11th The Problem with Medicine

Apr 2011

29th It's Over! Yippee!

14th Hello There

Mar 2011

29th Roundabouts

25th WTF?

21st The Great Vision

09th The Call

07th Tulsa: Dysfunction Junction

01st CBS' Poll Numbers

Feb 2011

27th Riverwalk Busted

27th Letterman's Ignorance on Display

25th CBS Blows Wind

24th Battle in Wisconsin

22nd Law Fest 2011

17th Welcome to 2016

15th School Daze

15th The Big-Eared Budget

11th Enough with the Ethanol!!

10th Records Falling

07th FEMA: Something to Curtail?

01st Nasty Weather

Jan 2011

31st Banksters and Their Buddies

30th Egypt

24th Credit Where Credit is Undue

24th The Next Crisis

21st Sixty Big Ones

17th The J-20

17th Maynard's Education

14th Harry Reid is an Idiot

12th Disgusting

12th Tucson

06th Dank the Stank

05th On Matters of Gayness

04th The Honors Lynching

Dec 2010

30th The Steady Decline


27th The Comeback Kid?

25th Henry's Numbers

24th The Crash Tax

22nd Clark Brewster: Mr. Generous?

17th Old TV

14th Working Together

11th Paying Coaches

08th Corporate-Generated Unemployment

06th You Kiddin'? No Respect!

05th The Angle of the Rangel Dangle

03rd Do the Poll

01st The Rich are My Saviors?

Nov 2010

28th The Poke Choke

24th Countdown to Bedlam

24th It's All in the Phrasing

17th Flag Waving

09th Self-Financed Campaigns and Taxation

04th We Won?

02nd An Interesting Legal Question

02nd Go Vote

Oct 2010

31st Democrat Lies

27th SQ 744's Last Ad

26th Absentee Parties

24th Fragments

21st Priestly Experience

21st Per-Pupil Spending

20th SQ 744: The $2 Billion Tax Increase

20th Going Negative

18th Tulsa is a Most Dangerous Place

17th The O-Teams

16th Stomping Off

12th Mr. Ed's Con Law

11th SQ 744: Lead Balloon

08th Another Thief in Education

06th California Dreamin'

06th The Unfair Fair

04th Boomers-Horns